Hello Parents

You are visiting us here because:

  • You have questions about your teens behavior in school and around the home.
  • You notice your teen is hanging around a bad crowd at school or in the neighborhood.
  • You have found some type of pill in your teens pant pocket or room and want to know what it is.
  • You don’t like the parties your teen is going too.
  • You noticed that the high school peer pressure is getting too much for your teen.

Or it doesn’t even have to be the above. You could be visiting us because:

  • You want to see what Dana Point Paths is all about.
  • You just want a safe place to where your teen can have fun and hang out with peers.
  • Your teen is entering high school and you want to guide them in the right direction.
  • You want to look for a “new beginning” with your teen after going through a rough time in the past.

Congratulations for taking a step in guiding your teen in being proactive in your teen’s life. Your teen needs you. Simple fact.

Check out the Drug Guide page and their bilingual hotline link. It’s always good to know what is circulating around your teen.

Feel free to call or email me, Mike Darnold, with any questions: (949) 395-7275 or darnoldmike@gmail.com

Mom and Dad

Do you want to get better at being a mom and dad? Need help understanding what it’s like to be a kid/teenager in today’s society? Looking for a life changing experience to parenting? Come learn the parenting skills that were developed from working with over 500,000 families nationwide involving every situation imaginable. The “parenting manual” is here:

10 Week Course Starts: Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Facilitators: Deputy Mike Woodroof (School Resource Officer) and Mike Daronld (Student Interventions and Family Support)
“It’s the greatest investment you’ll make as a parent!”
Information and registration forms can be found at:
Questions? Call (949) 283-0039

Parenting classes are offered in English starting August 24th
Parenting classes are offered in Spanish starting September 6th
Parent simply register online at no cost

All classes are free offered by the city of Dana Point. Parents are asked to pay for their own workbooks $25. However no one is refused due to inability to pay.

For questions call Mike Darnold (949) 395-7275

Cyber Safety and Social Networks

Understanding teens, social media, and online threats

The Cyber Safety for Parents class is a 2-hour seminar that will prepare parents to effectively supervise their child on social media sites and protect them from cyberbullying. The class first explains the current technology and applications teens are using to access the Internet and social media networks. Secondly, cyberbullying is defined with current trends and real world examples that Deputy Cranford has investigated in schools. Lastly, participants will be given tools and an action plan that they can immediately begin using to help keep their children safe online. Some of the topics discussed include:

    • Current impact of bullying in schools
    • Cyberbullying defined
    • Current bullying trends
    • Risks associated with popular social media sites
    • Sexting and online predators
    • How to set expectations and consequences
    • Online security considerations
    • How to monitor online activity
    • How to deal with a bully
    • School discipline and legal issues

Participants will receive an Internet Safety Contract and the Cyber Safety Checklist.

Each attendee will receive the Cyber Safety Cop Parent’s Guide to Cyber Safety, Cyber Safety Checklist, Internet Safety Contract, as well as online tools and resources. This course is imperative for parents and educators to understand the profound affect social media has in teen’s lives and how it impacts their safety.

  • Please download and fill out this form with your signature.
    • Scan/copy and return by email to darnoldmike@gmail.com
    • or, place in an envelope and mail it to DHHS/Mike Darnold, 33333 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, CA 92629
    • or, bring to school and give it to the front desk and they will get it to me (I have a box)

You are not alone in being a concerned parent. Congratulations for taking a step in guiding your teen in being proactive in your teen’s life. Your teen needs you. Simple fact.