About Us

In March 2011 a couple of Danna Hills High School (DHHS) students decided that enough in regards to drug and alcohol use among their peers. They approached the school’s intervention Specialist Mike Darnold with an idea to start an organization at DHHS promote a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.

These teens were once a part of the “party” scene too, and succumbed to teen pressure themselves. On a long road finding who they were, they found other’s like themselves who wanted to embrace life without drug and alcohol.

Dana Point Paths is an organization run by students with the help of Mike Darnold, a parent volunteers city of Dana Point and other non profit organization and local businesses while have committed to support Dana Point Paths mission to promote and celebrate a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.

We are all about having fun. We love to party, dance, be at the beach with bonfires or all “hang” and watch a movie together. We embrace and enjoy our teenage years. it’s all about goofing off, being silly, talking “teen” stuff among our friends without the use of drugs and alcohol.