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Dana Point Paths is free, multi-faceted service whose mission is to provide a variety of programs and services including education, prevention, parenting, monitoring, intervention, and assessment to assist and support adolescents, individuals, couples , and families in addressing life’s challenges in issues related to substance abuse, delinquent behavior, and family crisis.

Values & Core Beliefs

What we focus on and how we can help you!

  • To promote and celebrate an alcohol and drug free lifestyle for teens by teens.

  • To provide guidance, education, and assistance to teens and families, with regards to substance abuse.

  • To provide parents and teens with the education to identify alcohol and drug use within their family and friends.

  • To help teens overcome peer pressure.

  • To provide a safe “party” place in which teens can have fun without the pressure to use or drink alcohol or drugs.

  • To reach out and help our “family” community with volunteer opportunities.

  • To provide a variety of programs and services to include education, prevention, intervention, assessment, and counseling to those in need.

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Who IS Dana Point Paths?

In March 2011 a couple of DHHS students decided that enough was enough in regards to drug and alcohol use among their peers. They approached the school’s intervention counselor Mike Darnold with an idea to start an organization at school to promote a drug and alcohol free lifestyle while still having fun.

Dana Point Paths is an organization run by students with the help of Mike Darnold, parent volunteers, the city of Dana Point and other non profit organizations and local businesses who are committed to support our mission to promote and celebrate a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.

Announcements & Events

This is an ongoing list of what is happening with Dana Point Paths! Please check back frequently. Contact Mike Darnold with any and all questions 949-395-7275.

Parent Training

Who are we?

We are parents and students, just like you.


You are not alone in being a concerned parent. In fact, being tough, asking questions, and giving guidance to your teen is what will help him/her in becoming a responsible adult later. CLICK HERE to learn more.


Dona Point Paths is a free club made up of students from Dana Hills High School (DHHS) and Niguel Hills and Marco Forster Middle Schools. The Club is sponsored by the City of Dana Point and DHHS PTSA. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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